Surprise!Imagine our surprise when we learned that our carefully crafted and very enjoyable lifestyle might be killing us! That’s what we found after some concerns were raised on a regular doctor visit. We started looking into the ideas from Drs. Caldwell Esselstyn, Joel FuhrmanJohn McDougall and Dean Ornish – all of whom advocate a diet based on plants and limiting fats to a very minimum. But the most difficult feature of these diets is the elimination of oils in all forms. No oils in cooking, no oils over salads and no oils even in pre-packaged foods, such as tortillas. Oh no!

The striking feature of these diets is the benefits proven by clinical research. They have also been seen in outcomes of many thousands of combined cardio patients. These 4 good doctors are showing that it is possible to stop or even reverse coronary artery disease. This is a great achievement for anyone suffering from heart disease or even concerned about it.

Why no oil? The stage is set for heart disease (and many other health issues) by damage to the endothelial lining, and this damage can be caused or increased by the consumption of vegetable oils. This lining is kind of like a skin that lines all the internal workings of our body. It includes the lining of the arteries around the heart that are prone to blockage if not treated properly.

Once the lining is damaged, the arteries become more susceptible to the things that cause buildup and blockage. So it stands to reason that protecting the endothelial lining should help protect the arteries from getting to this vulnerable stage. And even better, the damage can be easily reversed by a proper diet and healthy habits!

What do you think? Will we have what it takes to do it? We hope so and we’re committed to making the effort. It won’t be easy, but it is much better than the potential alternative!

Stay tuned…