Once again, another unexpected curve, and of course at the worst possible time. Just when we were enjoying our most recent European trip during the summer, planning to write lots of articles and updates for this site and our others, we got a call from a neighbor. It seems that not only was water running under our front door into the street, apparently it had been doing so for several days!

house flood

Our previously flooded dining room.

Our worst fears were realized when our son went to check things out and found the entire main level of our home sitting in 4″ of water. No more writing for us – our days were consumed working with the insurance company and various contractors, picking out new flooring, paint, cabinets and a whole host of other totally unexpected tasks.

We stayed in temporary housing, kept long and unhealthy hours and and ate off schedule. Finally, we are back at home, an almost new home after repairs totaling over $165,000! Kudos to Allstate Insurance, who handled everything with hardly a hiccup.

But, how about the diet? Even with all the turmoil, we were able to stay pretty closely on our diet throughout it all. As the old saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way!”