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Our Secret Weapon

Our Secret Weapon

None of what we have achieved would have been possible had we not been introduced to Juice Plus®. We began taking it in 2007 and noticed a difference immediately. We were so happy with our results that the next year we became a partner to learn how to best spread the message of good health […]

Life update


As they say, life goes on, but with the disruption from the flood and other obstacles along the way (not all bad), we’ve been neglecting this site for too long. Apologies for taking so long to get back to the site, but we do plan to start to put some regular posts up that we […]

Health Test

test results

The diet is working!  Within only a few short weeks of starting, I saw my blood pressure coming down to an average of 120/70.  In November I had a complete set of labs, and I have to say that the results were just short of unbelievable!  My total cholesterol  was down to 147, and in […]

How We are Doing


Suddenly we find ourselves at the end of June, having started this journey in October, so it is a good time to tally up what has happened so far. So is the diet working? Absolutely! As of this morning, I have managed to lose almost 37 pounds since we began the diet. My blood pressure […]

Eating Out on the Diet

Coastal Taco

We love to travel and do so quite often, so we were a little nervous about how to make the diet work on a trip. Our recent trip to Cleveland was a perfect test case to see how things would work out. First, the breakfasts: Most hotels now offer complimentary breakfast, usually a breakfast bar […]

A Visit with Dr. Esslestyn

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn - with David Brown

Every player needs a good coach, and the same is true when embarking on such a great lifestyle change. I had some questions a few months back and sent an email to Dr. Esselstyn in hopes he might ask a member of staff to respond on his behalf.  To my great surprise, a few days […]

Life gets in the way – again!

house flood

Once again, another unexpected curve, and of course at the worst possible time. Just when we were enjoying our most recent European trip during the summer, planning to write lots of articles and updates for this site and our others, we got a call from a neighbor. It seems that not only was water running […]