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Windsor Castle

As I write this, I am sitting in Windsor, England, just down the street from Windsor Castle. In fact, I am back in the house we rented on the trip when we discovered the “problem,” almost exactly two years ago. I had been feeling very out of breath when walking up Peascod Street toward the […]

Health Test

test results

The diet is working!  Within only a few short weeks of starting, I saw my blood pressure coming down to an average of 120/70.  In November I had a complete set of labs, and I have to say that the results were just short of unbelievable!  My total cholesterol  was down to 147, and in […]

Eating Out on the Diet

Coastal Taco

We love to travel and do so quite often, so we were a little nervous about how to make the diet work on a trip. Our recent trip to Cleveland was a perfect test case to see how things would work out. First, the breakfasts: Most hotels now offer complimentary breakfast, usually a breakfast bar […]